There Will Be War Volume IX

In many ways, the first nine volumes of There Will Be War were a chronicle of the Cold War; reading those earlier volumes published in the 1980s is a literal education in both the events and the psychologies of that time. Volume IX, which was originally subtitled After Armageddon, was published just as the Soviet Union was in the process of collapsing, a process that was much more dangerous than most of us were aware at the time, or realize today.

As with the previous eight volumes, Jerry Pournelle assembled a formidable list of contributors for There Will Be War Volume IX, including John Brunner, Edward P. Hughes, Robert Silverberg, Harry Turtledove, and Norman Spinrad, among others. A necessary word of warning to those with younger readers: the Spinrad story “Journals of the Plague Years”, while an excellent reminder of the AIDS fears of the late 1980s, is exceedingly dark, violent, and most definitely R-rated.

There Will Be War Volume IX is 433 pages, DRM-free, and retails for $4.99 on Amazon.

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