The Third Law at work

Oliver Keyes of the Wikimedia Foundation doesn’t like the fact that people have noticed his attempt to enforce SJW thought-policing on the R Foundation:

In which Oliver Keyes Sciences the Shit Out of the Arseholes on his Blog.

Every time you make a web request (with some exceptions we won’t get into here) browsers send along to the new page or server the place you’re coming from. If you click from here to this Wikipedia link, the Wikipedia request logs will show you came from my website.

Similarly, if you come from another site to my website, most of the time I can work out where that other site is. So I took the referers for people leaving comments. Then I turned them into human-readable text, stripped out those referers with fewer than 5 distinct users, and the results look a little something like:

suck it, MRAs

Unsurprisingly, Vox Day’s readers are arseholes. Not just some of them, but all of them: every one of them who managed to painfully peck at their keyboard and hit save was a pillock of the highest calibre, contributing absolutely nothing of value to to the conversation.

But given that it is Mr. Keyes who is speaking of “arseholes”, one should probably consider the source:

In a shocking decision today, the English Wikipedia’s highest volunteer governing body, the Arbitration Committee, has defrocked a Wikimedia Foundation paid contract staff member, Oliver Keyes, for “conduct unbecoming an administrator, and for bringing the project into disrepute”.

This morning, August 12th, the seventh straight unopposed vote to remove the administrator tools from Mr. Keyes was leveled by Scottish arbitrator, AGK. Recall, that Examiner reported several weeks ago that Keyes had uttered some rather crude and offensive remarks on Wikimedia Foundation discussion channels — including a suggestion that another Wikipedia editor should be set on fire, and a recommendation that someone should stab a particular woman in the throat with a pen, then look on “as her attempts to wave for help got increasingly feeble”.

This brings the Third Law of SJW to mind: SJWs always project. Which raises the obvious question: why is this guy still working at the Wikimedia Foundation? Does the Wikimedia Foundation endorse stabbing women in the throat?