Microcosm and harbinger

Migrants are lowering Germany’s average intelligence, to say nothing of their educational standards:

According to a detailed report in Sueddeutsche, more and more German families are switching their child’s schooling because of the presence of more and more migrant children who often disrupt class and bully native Germans.

The article tells the story of a typical German family (names have been changed) and a typical German father who like many is eager to prove how tolerant and multicultural he and his family are. His daughter is placed in a school with a majority of the pupils being non-Germans.

Yet by the end of his daughter’s first year in the school the father starts getting concerned the school is giving his daughter special treatment. It is not until he investigates that he realizes she is special because she is the last native German left, the others having one by one transferred to different schools….

German Federal Interior Minister Thomas Maiziere did nothing to calm these fears when back in November he said current school standards would need to be dropped to help integrate more migrants.

As Red Eagle and I showed in Cuckservative, immigration is increasingly reducing the West’s IQ as well as its collective capabilities. If you want to know why society seems to be getting dumber, it’s because it actually is.

The terrible thing about this article is the way in which the father of the beleaguered daughter is still trying to virtue-signal; he’s fine with multiculturalism, just not too much multiculturalism.

But multicultures always become monocultures in the end, as is already the case with his daughter’s school.