Mailvox: PEGIDA rising

This is from a reader in Germany. It demonstrates how things are definitely heating up there regardless of what the mainstream media reports.

Stationed in Germany.  Not being fluent I don’t understand all of the news commentary, but have been talking with my few German friends.  Most are definitely opposed to the mass migration that is occurring. Our area is rural and most of the Germans are blue-collar types. Think of it as the “fly-over” region of the US.  Anyway, this is the first I have heard of any demonstrations outside of the major cities of Germany.  These are right in my back yard, and if these people are stirred to action, the dominoes are falling.

The authorities are distributing the following warnings:

  • The following areas below are to be avoided in Kaiserslautern due to the possibility of violent demonstrations this coming Saturday.  Although the assessment indicates a low possibility of violence by the Polizei, past PEGIDA events have quickly turned violent whenever counter demonstrations were also planned/present. 
  • On Saturday, 30 January 2016, precise time not yet known, the Kaiserslautern “Patriotische Europaer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes” is planning a demonstration march through downtown Kaiserslautern, rallying at the “Alte Post am Hauptbahnhof”.  Preceding the march, a self-appointed “vigilante force” will patrol the downtown area.  At approximately 1300 on the same date, left wing activists will demonstrate at Am Altenhof, in front of Stiftskirche //MGRS: 32UMV1094977581// in Kaiserslautern against right-wing demonstration.  After the demonstrations in Kaiserslautern, left-wing activist planned to travel to Homburg, Germany by train to disrupt a demonstration in Homburg, further information in Paragraph 2.B. below.  HNLE expectation of violence at both events was assessed as LOW.
  • At approximately 1700 on 30 January 2016, the group “Saarlaender gegen Salafisten” will demonstrate in the area surrounding the Hauptbahnhof.  The purpose of the demonstration is “Protect our women from sexual assaults”.  Expectation of violence was unknown.