Why show when there is nothing to gain?

Mike Cernovich explains why Trump has picked a showdown with Fox over the debate:

Donald Trump isn’t going to show up to the GOP debate, and the same idiots who never saw his rise are losing their minds. As one of only two people who saw Trump’s rise and predicted it, let me explain what Trump is doing.

Would you give your business competitors millions of potential customers?

Before Donald Trump ran for office, the Republican debates were snooze fests. A few people who were bored watched them.

Because of Donald Trump the GOP debates have drawn huge crowds. The latest debate had 13.5 million viewers, a record number.

Those millions of people watch the debate for one reason – Trump.

No one cares about crusty Cruz, sweaty Rubio, or sleepy-eye Jeb Bush.

When Trump shows up, his competitors have a chance to impression millions of people who otherwise wouldn’t care about them.

Trump has built up the personal brands of parasites and losers. He’s given them enough corporate welfare.

Trump did the last debates to prove a point – that he can win them.
Trump has proven his point. He won every debate.

He has nothing to gain by giving ratings to dishonest FoxNews and to share his millions of fans with the other candidates.

I could care less about the debates. But at this point, I sincerely hope Mike is right, that Trump doesn’t show up, and the ratings tank. I have to admit, it would not have occurred to me to find an excuse to blow it off and thereby take the wind out of everyone else’s sails so effortlessly.

As Scott Adams points out, once more, all they’re talking about is Trump. Once more, the only candidate’s actions that matter are Trump’s.