Don’t fear the police

And certainly don’t count on them:

Police flee for their lives at Swedish migrant camp after they are surrounded by screaming mob as they try to relocate ten-year-old boy ‘who had been raped multiple times’

The attack allegedly happened in the town of Västerås in central Sweden. Staff at the refugee centre feared the 10-year-old boy was being abused. They failed to remove the child after the refugee would not let the child go. Ten police officers failed to save the child after being attacked by the mob

I fail to see the point of being concerned about this sort of thing. They’re orcs. Raping whatever they can get their hands on is what orcs do. The important thing is to keep them outside your country; once you fail to do that, you really can’t convincingly pretend to be shocked that orcs are behaving like, well, orcs.

Immigration is rape culture. If you allow orcs to immigrate, you are consciously welcoming the rape culture they bring with them. Having already permitted the invasion, Sweden now has three choices. 1) accept children being raped, 2) return the orcs to the orc lands, or 3) eliminate them. I would hope they have the human decency to choose the second option.

The Swedes don’t have to like their choices to be limited to them. Reality doesn’t give a damn about good intentions.