The making of the Mil-Right

Caleb Q. Washington tells the tale of his intellectual development:

I learned that uncovering the truth often requires ignoring what you’re told and focusing on what you see; I became staunchly opposed to typical Salon/Slate variety feminists; I became more interested in developing myself as opposed to joining with others; I was first introduced to some of the figures of the hard right.

A few months later, Gamergate began. As Adam Baldwin sounded the horn to begin the biggest resistance so far to the unending march of progressivism through cultural institutions, I was caught up in the front lines of actually doing something to fight for culture. As we had successes and pushed back, it felt empowering.

Most importantly, it changed my expectations of what the conservative movement should be capable of accomplishing. It also disappointed me to be so completely ignored and dismissed by conservative writers and pundits. We were here pushing back against the very worst of progressivism, and they didn’t care.

This was followed by the Sad/Rabid Puppies campaigns which were another blow against progressives. Again silence from the conservatives I read.

Sooner or later, the Grants always replace the McClellans. Because if you don’t fight, there is no need for you.