And these are the polite ones

A Swedish woman has a close encounter with a group of orcs:

Man: ‘Can I make sex with you?’

Girl: ‘What did you say?’

Man: ‘Can I make sex with you?’

Girl: ‘But, he tried to touch my a**, do you think that’s ok?’

Man: ‘Who?’

Girl:’He, the guy who just walked past, your friend! Is it ok to touch my a**, or what?’

Man: ‘I don’t understand what you mean.’

Girl: ‘I’m sorry? What don’t you understand? He touched my a**. You’r friend grabbed my a**, what do you want? What do you want?’

Man: ‘No, No. Can I make sex with you?’

Girl: ‘No. Never.’

Man: ‘Why?’

Girl: ‘Absolutely not. Go! Leave!’

Man: ‘Why?’

Girl: ‘I am recording this whole thing, so yeah, mate keep going.’

Man: ‘I’ll give you money.’

Girl: ‘What did you say? Do you think I’m a w****?’

Man: ‘Calm down, I’ll give you money.’

Western women are all whores, right? Or at the very least, strong, independent women who don’t need a man to take care of them. After all, that’s what the police are for….

So, are you ready to stop shrieking at the nationalists, calling them “racists”, and help send all the orcs back to Mordor yet? Or do you still prefer to relax and enjoy it?