The social media war

Mike Cernovich puts what is already happening on Goodreads and Twitter and Facebook into perspective:

Until recently journalists loved social media, social media lined their pockets:

  •     Journalist writes a story.
  •     Readers share and discuss the story.
  •     Websites gets more pages views and journalists set the agenda.

Social media was great until a mindset shift happened.

Readers became writers. Readers began setting the agenda. Social media is the new media. Everyone in media knows this, and everyone is terrified.

This is about control of the information flow. It’s not possible to indoctrinate and propagandize when there is a sufficiently strong countercurrent, and the Alt Right is an increasingly powerful countercurrent. That’s why they are desperate to mute us.

The fight for social media is the fight for democracy.

Most people believe social media is a scrap book for your life, and if Zuckerberg has his way, that’s what Facebook will be for. The rubes and slobs can share memes, but if you share any thoughts that threaten the political establishment, you’re finished.

If Jack Dorsey has his way, the mainstream media will regain its power as gate keepers of information.

The rapefugee crisis will not be reported. The brutal beatings of women will be swept under the rug. Presidential elections will involve two sides of the same globalist coin.

Keep fighting back.

That’s what we’re discussing tonight. There is only ONE way to ensure that they can’t turn off our microphones, and that is to build our own. We need our own information flow, we can’t expect to be permitted to borrow the other side’s indefinitely.

They often talk a techno-libertarian game and proclaim their channels are for everyone, but their actions have repeatedly belied their words. It’s not a coincidence that it is always the voices on the right that are silenced and the memes of the right that are banned while the left is permitted to violate the so-called rules at will.