Sad Puppies can’t protect them now

Sarah Hoyt tries to explain what Brad and Larry couldn’t manage to get across to the SF SJWs last year.

What they don’t realize is that they’re attacking the people who read in favor of the imaginary “other” who will be so refined and perfect. They also don’t realize that Sad Puppies was the only thing PROTECTING them from Vox. I don’t know if we still are enough to protect them, and at this point I know any number of people who say “May G-d have mercy on their souls” rather than try to defend them.

Even if one disregards how many Sad Puppies were converted into Rabid Puppies by the actions of the SJWs, there simply isn’t anything the Sad Puppies can do to protect them from us this year. Nor are they particularly interested in doing so.

“I find Vox Day a bit abrasive but honestly at this point I’m ready for him to eat them alive.”

Last year, my alliance with the others tied my hands. You may recall that I did not talk much to the media or bother to protest most of their ridiculous characterizations, but left that to Brad, the SP3 spokesman. I had no need to defend myself against spurious charges, and there was no point in doing so anyhow.

This year is when the Rabid Puppies will respond. But not in kind. No, because we have no need to tell lies about them. I intend to do something far, far worse. I intend to tell the truth.

While they, apparently, are occupied with making Lego figures of us. It seems that is what they do when they are not obsessing over what they think we are thinking. Even in light of how poorly they anticipated me last time, it’s mildly amusing to see that they still don’t understand my perspective at all.