SJWs defending their turf

One of the people following my author page received this from Goodreads today:

Hi there

Your account was recently brought to our attention.  Upon review, we have decided to remove it from the site.  A CSV of the books you shelved is attached for your personal records.  You are banned from using Goodreads in any capacity going forward.


The Goodreads Team

That’s four banned already. As I said, for all the libertarian pretensions of the CEO, the company has been entirely converged. The purpose of Goodreads is no longer to simply read and review books, but to advance social justice ideals by building up SJW authors and attacking anti-SJW authors and anyone who supports them.

That is why Goodreads will go into decline and Amazon will eventually shut them down and replace them. The only way a converged business can survive is as a parasite, either with a government host or a corporate one.