To H or not to H

There is some doubt over whether North Korea’s H-bomb test was successful or not:

North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un vowed to celebrate the New Year with ‘the thrilling sound of our first hydrogen bomb’ when he signed to order for today’s nuclear blast.

The hermit state claimed it had detonated a ‘successful’ hydrogen bomb this morning, triggering a 5.1-magnitude earthquake and propelling Kim on a new collision course with world powers.

But experts have been quick to cast doubt on the claims, saying the size of the explosion and resulting earthquake was far too small to have come a failed H-bomb and was likely disguised to appear like one.

I fail to see why it matters all that much either way. North Korea clearly has acquired what it wants, which is the ability to deter any U.S. aggression against it. In light of the numerous U.S. attacks on countries everywhere from Serbia to Syria, it would be very strange if governments around the world did not make a priority of acquiring similar nuclear deterrence.