Review fun with Sean O’Hara

So, it turns out that Sean’s got some really… interesting… reviews. I liked this one of, ahem,  Bodacious Space Pirates, of all things. Apparently if you stare too long into the abyss of hyperspace, you’ll eventually see some oversized tits.

Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace Vol. 1
Sean O’Hara’s review
Sep 14, 15

liked it
bookshelves: manga, space-pirates, space-opera, science-fiction
Read on September 13, 2015

I wish the novels would come out in English. This just isn’t a very good substitute.

I wonder why he is reading Bodacious Space Pirates if he can’t read Japanese? Sadly, Sean can’t even get the “review the editing non-review” right, and today introduced the innovative “review the non-editing non-review”:

Riding the Red Horse
Sean O’Hara’s review
Jan 04, 16

did not like it

This book claims to have been edited by Tom Kratman and Teddy Beale. This is a lie. They couldn’t edit an elementary school newsletter. To call what they did here “editing” is an insult to editors the world over. It’s more like they got their friends together and had everyone shit on a plate. And for some reason they’re inordinately proud of what they produced.

But then again, there’s a good chance a similar pile of shit will become President, so maybe they have a point. 

Fascinating. He’s attacking everyone from Jerry Pournelle to William S. Lind. While declaring that the book – the book – claims it was edited by people who did not edit it. I wonder who did? And were they bodacious?

And then there is this, which one would have thought defied description. And yet, Sean somehow manages the trick.

Princess Jellyfish, Vol. 1
Sean O’Hara’s review
Jul 20, 15

really liked it
bookshelves: manga, josei, romance
Read on July 15, 2015

How to sum up the plot of Princess Jellyfish…? Well, it’s a romance involving a love triangle between a nerdy girl, a transvestite, and the transvestite’s brother who’s a rising star of the political world. Also, real estate plays a big role, as does fashion design and of course jellyfish.

Of course jellyfish! How could there not be jellyfish when there are transvestites?

I think it goes without saying that what we have here is a gentlemen who has never, ever, kissed a real live girl. And there is more, there is literally 548 reviews more. You have to read them to believe them; they are too freaking funny!