How dare we hit THEM back?

The SJWs at File 770 can’t quite decide if they should be a) outraged that we are addressing their blatant abuse of Goodreads or b) pretend that anything we do is simply insignificant.

Theodore Beale is explicitly targeting for abuse a woman who posts here regularly. I certainly hope all human beings with the slightest bit of decency and compassion will recognize this for the ugly, sinister, cynical brutality it is.

Unlike Lis Carey and other SJWs active on Goodreads, Rabid Puppies are abiding strictly by Goodreads policies. Reviews that refer to AUTHOR BEHAVIOR are specifically prohibited; Lis Carey is in blatant violation of Goodreads policy and we are drawing attention to her and every other reviewer who violate that policy.

**Delete content focused on author behavior. We have had a policy of removing reviews that were created primarily to talk about author behavior from the community book page. Once removed, these reviews would remain on the member’s profile. Starting today, we will now delete these entirely from the site. We will also delete shelves and lists of books on Goodreads that are focused on author behavior.

Lis Carey is not being targeted for abuse, Lis Carey is abusing Goodreads. She is not being singled out, she is merely the first of many abusive SJW trolls who will be addressed. We know perfectly well that the first reaction of SJWs is to go running to the amenable authorities, which is why we are always careful to abide by the rules.

Is VD conceding to his ilk that they are ineffective in their use of logic?

No, he is reminding them that there is no point in utilizing logic and dialectic in dealing with SJWs. SJWs are incapable of understanding it or utilizing it; if they could, they would not be SJWs.

I suspect that VD’s minions will find that their impact on GoodReads as a whole will be far less than they think it will. They are just about to find out how tiny and trivial their group truly is.

If that were true, then why are the File 770ers so obviously concerned about their activities? As just remarked above, SJWs are incapable of understanding or utilizing logic.

One thing to note is the cowardice of VD and his minions. They are specifically targeting someone because they think she is frail and easy to harass. In short, they are sleazy, small-time cowards who are too scared to actually challenge someone they think can put up a fight. It is exactly the sort of slimy pathetic thing that perfectly encapsulates who VD and his sycophants are.

So, John Scalzi, Tor Books, George R.R. Martin, and all of Fandom are totally unable to put up a fight? SJWs always lie. We will take on any and all of you. Just give us a reason.

What is different about me is that I take on all comers, regardless of how frail and unable to fight they may be. Attack me or mine and I will hit you back twice as hard, no matter who you are. Playing defenseless or crying out in pain as you strike won’t save you.

All you have to do to avoid being counterattacked is not attack. How hard is that? How dumb do you have to be to fail to understand that, after all this time? Leave us alone, we’ll leave you alone. Attack us, we counterattack. It’s quite simple.

keep in mind that VD is such a towering, manly being that he kept expressing hysterical fear a couple of years ago, bleating with every appearance of high-strung sincerity that his physical safety was in danger from an imminent attack by Lee Martindale. (Lee is an older lady in a wheelchair.) He also bleated a number of times that year about his fear of me, claiming I had threatened him. (In reality, I had never even threatened to speak sternly to him.)

First women like Laura Resnick and Lee Martindale claim to be strong, independent womyn who are going to inflict Whedon-fu badassery on their foes, then they turn around and cry poor little womens who cain’t possibly do nothing to nobody the minute anyone responds to their threats and posturing. They’re not fooling anyone.

Part of me wants to say, “Please come over to Goodreads and comment back!” but I suspect that might just encourage him and his minions, so probably not wise.

It isn’t wise because doing so will only draw more attention to the way in which SJWs like Lis Carey and others are abusing Goodreads review policies. So, by all means, bring it on!

I note that File 770ers complain more about people legitimately nominating works, commenting on reviews, and rating books than they do about an active campaign by their side to blackball SF/F authors’ works from bookstores. Perhaps instead about whining about our legitimate activities, they should consider policing their own side before we adopt the same tactics in response.

UPDATE: Reading the comments at File 770 is like experiencing a Zen koan.

“There is a lack of evidence.”

The comments on File 770 are an unreliable source. Source: the commenters on File 770.