Are you ready for 2016?

The Rabid Puppies are stirring in their kennels beneath the Dark Tower, straining at the chains that bind them. The Vile Faceless Minions are being starved, the better to whet their appetites. The Dread Ilk are gearing up and sharpening their blades. The Ilk are oiling their guns and adding to their ammo stores.

And we’re not alone. Because in 2016, an all-out war on social justice has been declared.

In 2016, battle lines will be drawn. On one side, people of all colours, genders and orientations are rallying around the flag of freedom of speech. On the other, a nasty set of authoritarians are rallying around a flag that identifies as a flag only on Mondays, uses they/them pronouns and will try to get you fired or expelled from school if you forget it.

Let me explain. In 2015, I saw the seeds of a movement begin to sprout. Across the internet, and even in fear-gripped halls on campuses, young people began to stand up and challenge the humourless, divisive, identity-obsessed elites that have taken over our cultural discourse. People of seemingly disparate interests and politics — gamers, pundits, metalheads, comic book and science fiction fans, atheists, Catholics, conservatives, libertarians and even many disaffected liberals — came together to agree on only one thing: art and culture should be left alone….

Had progressives wanted to stem the tide
of cultural libertarianism, the time to do it was a year ago. They could
have edged back, been reasonable and won us all over. But instead they
doubled down. Fine: now they get to lose. Let’s defend culture and free
expression and push these odious halfwits back into their dreary studio
apartments filled with cat-piss and alt rock-records and let them know
that we’ve decided to opt out of the soft bigotry of San Francisco-style
hand-wringing nonsense. We possess a working sense of humour and we’re
going to use it — whether they like it or not.

If you take their crybully pronouncements at face value, social justice warriors believe,
with all the fervor of a paranoiac, that they are helpless, fragile
things, buffeted by sinister structural forces they are powerless to
resist. They believe that their opponents possess power that, if used
ruthlessly enough, could eradicate them. What do you say we prove them