Do we want to reconcile?

Steve Davidson of Amazing Stories informs us how the Puppies can do so, should we be so inclined.

Want to reconcile?  Here’s what puppies must do.

  1.     stop scamming the system.  If you want to recommend works that you think are worthy of the award, go ahead and do so.  But drop the political agenda (you’re dragons are imaginary) and eliminate the hateful, snarky commentary
  2.     stop attacking the very people who are offering you a bridge
  3.     please learn a little bit about the history of Worldcon and the Hugo Awards
  4.     if you want to be counted as Fans, then be Fans.  Fans who care attend Worldcon, nominate their conscience and attend the business meeting to effect change they think is needed.  They work WITH and within fandom – they do not set themselves up as a cabal that engages in fear and hate.

My response:

  1. Recommending works we thought were worthy was all we did last year. I wrote one (1) single post to that effect. Chaos Horizon even demonstrated mathematically that there was no bloc-voting by the Puppies last year. But PNH and the Tor Cabal are not imaginary. The whisper campaigns and award pimpage of the past are not imaginary. People buying memberships for their underage children so they could bloc-vote for them are not imaginary. SJWs actively pushing a political agenda in science fiction are not imaginary. The rules changes they rammed through in order to defend their turf, exactly as I predicted, are not imaginary. So, no.
  2. No. It’s not a bridge, it’s an invitation to surrender.
  3. We know far more about the history of Worldcon, Fandom, and the Hugo Awards than you want us to know. We know all about Heidi Saha and David Asimov and the Greyland siblings and Kevin Smith, and the Sri Lankan cabana boys, just to name a few, and soon the entire world will know all about what happened to more than a few children at Fandom’s hands. Or to be more precise, what is happening to them. Fandom fosters, defends, and even celebrates a tremendously sick and twisted group of criminal deviants.
  4. We don’t want to be Fans. We don’t want to be anything like you. We don’t want anything to do with you. We are entirely content to be what George Martin dismisses as mere readers, writers, editors, and publishers. And what we intend to do in 2016 is continue to liberate a literary genre from the small collection of creepy left-wing monsters, rape enthusiasts, and social justice warriors who have made it their home for decades.

The caption reads: “Eat your heart out, Isaac Asimov – Heidi has promised to wait until Forry grows up!”

Note that the gentleman in the photograph above, Forrest Ackermann, was honored with a 1939 Retro-Hugo for Best Fanzine in 2014. He was also nominated for Best Fan Writer.

I said in 2013, there can be no reconciliation. Everything I have learned over the last two years has confirmed that. Decent human beings who respect traditional morality don’t reconcile with child abusers and the amoral Fans who enable, celebrate, and associate with them.

So, I vote no to reconciliation. What do you say, Rabid Puppies? What do you say, Dread Ilk? What do you say, Sad Puppies?

Even the moderate leader of Sad Puppies 3, Brad Torgersen, sounds as if he considers the prospect of reconciliation to be a dubious one.

An analysis of the post-Hugo numbers identifies a 2,500-vote block of individuals who seemed to think the best way to annihilate the infamous forces of the Kurgan — Vox Day — was to accept Vox’s challenge to play chicken. Now, I warned everybody that chicken is the Kurgan’s favorite game. But that 2,500-vote block went ahead and played the game anyway, nuking five whole categories, and cheering themselves in the process. It was their finest moment. It was also precisely what Vox Day wanted them to do, because it gives Vox his pretext for further assaults on the Hugos in future years, while also radicalizing and alienating many people who wanted nothing to do with Vox, but who did want to see justice done at the Hugo awards proper.

As I warned Mike Glyer of File 770, I am a patient man. We didn’t fight back in the media last year, but let them take their best shot at calling us bigots, racists, neo-nazis, and so forth. Last year, I did nothing more than post a single list of recommendations.

And now that 2015 has come to an end, it’s our turn.