Volume X favorite story

It should be interesting to see what the favorite story in There Will Be War Vol. X is around these parts; as with Steve Rzasa’s “Turncoat” in Riding the Red Horse Vol. I, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about a contribution by one of the junior authors.

And if you haven’t gotten There Will Be War Vol. X, what on Earth are you waiting for? It’s every bit as good as the reviews are saying.

  • I own all of the original There Will Be War series from when I
    bought them new. They were all excellent. This follow-on, after a long
    series hiatus, is every bit as good. New names, old names, great
    stories, and thought-provoking essays. 
  • Volume 10, the latest There Will Be War, is worthy to stand with the best of that series. Mil-sf doesn’t get better than this.
  • This volume represents a long
    overdue return to the series, and is as timely and pertinent today as
    the originals were in the 80’s.
  • Since Military SF’s value is to provide a means to understand future threats and solutions, this volume is a treasure.

personally don’t think any of the fiction quite rises to the level of
“Cincinnatus” by Joel Rosenberg or “On the Shadow of a Phosphor Screen”
by William F. Wu, both of which appear in There Will Be War Vol. II, but  I would argue that the non-fiction is actually better. Still, even if Volume X is only the second-best in the series, that is a remarkable accomplishment after a 25-year hiatus.

The results here.