Volume X: initial reviews

The initial response to the return of THERE WILL BE WAR and the new Volume X is extremely encouraging. Here are a few selections from the reviews and emails I’ve been receiving:

  • This is one of the best collections of SF writing I have ever read…. What really gets me about the series is how pertinent they are to today’s geopolitical situation.
  •  I want to emphasize how much quality the CH works have. What you are doing is important…. I’ll
    definitely be following up by purchasing the other volumes and Riding
    the Red Horse
  • I’m delighted to see this
    masterful series is back again, now addressing the issues of the 21st
    century. Dr. Pournelle’s introductions alone are worth the price of the
  • This book is an absolute blast. A collection of short stories all of
    which have a military sci-fi theme, the stories themselves trend towards
    the top in terms of writing and story telling.
  • This anthology is exactly what to
    expect from serious men thinking and writing about war in the future and
    the technology of war as applied to both future and contemporary
  • This is a fine effort, very timely, certainly one worth the
    investment of time and a few dollars for any person with an interest in
    the subject of war. It leaves me hoping that Volume XI finds us in
    months instead of decades.
  •  This is my first exposure to this
    series, and I find this installment intriguing. I found the preface of
    this book quite striking…. I am very much interested in reading the earlier volumes, and also look forward to future releases.
  • Well Worth the 25-Year Wait. This is an incredible book!
  • Volume 10, the latest There Will Be War, is worthy to stand with the best of that series. Mil-sf doesn’t get better than this.

As I have previously stated, Riding the Red Horse was the best mil-SF anthology published in the last 20 years. And there is no question that There Will Be War Vol. X is even better. If you have any interest in either science fiction or current events, it is a book that you simply must read.

This exchange was rather amusing:

I want the paperback to match my 9-volume set, damn it!
We’re going to sell you a
whole new set. The Volume I + Volume II omnibus in case hardcover will be
published next month. We’re going to release Volume IX in ebook next, so that we
can do a Vol IX + Vol X hardcover as the second in the print series. Then we’ll fill in the

Those thrice-damned SJWs didn’t lie for once:  You ARE evil!

What part of “Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil” gave it away?

UPDATE: Not bad for Launch Day. Congratulations to Jerry Pournelle and all of the contributors.

 Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #276 Paid in Kindle Store
    #1 in Genre Fiction > Historical > Military
    #1 in Military > Strategy
    #2 in Genre Fiction > War