When SJWs attack

Randi Lee Harper aka Fifty Shades of Blue is the one responsible for complaining about Mike Cernovich and Heartiste on Twitter and getting both of them suspended for tweeting a picture of vibrants in action. From a witness:

I actually saw the picture last night. It was a gang of blacks holding a gun to the head of another black, forcing the victim to give the gun holder a blow job, with a bunch of other blacks  mugging for the camera.  It was typical of the innumerable crime selfies blacks take.  Heartiste was critical of it.

Of course, because SJWs always lie, Harper completely misrepresented them.

Cernovich & heartiste were both reported for a single tweet. Not spam/mass reported. Tweet had a pic of a boy child being raped.

Along with a comment like “boys will be boys”. Graphic parts were hidden, but it was enough for me to step in.

It is very, very important to SJWs to bury all evidence of vibrancy in action. Because racial equality.

Don’t ever be sarcastic around SJWs in a manner that could be weaponized. They will pretend not to understand it every single time it suits them to use it as a weapon against you.

UPDATE: @cernovich is unsuspended. @heartiste should soon follow.