German nationalism rises

Seriously, who thought flooding Germany with foreign invaders was a good idea?

President Joachim Gauck on Thursday condemned a recent rise in “vile” attacks on refugee shelters in Germany and warned that xenophobic attitudes were taking root in the country.

The comments by the head of state underline growing concern about hostility towards immigrants in Germany, which last year saw the emergence of the grassroots anti-Islam group PEGIDA.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been 150 attacks on refugee shelters — nearly as many as in the whole of 2014.

“We are seeing xenophobic attitudes taking root and that some people aren’t even shying away from carrying out attacks,” Gauck said in a speech in Berlin.

“I’m referring to what we have recently experienced again with these vile attacks on refugee homes. It’s unbearable.”

When your citizens are actively attacking “refugee shelters”, that’s probably a very good sign that you should stop letting refugees enter the country and start sending those that are already there back to their home countries.

It’s the invasion that is are unbearable, that’s what is causing the vile attacks. If the German head of state was truly concerned about xenophobia and hostility towards immigrants, he should shut down immigration into Germany.