C’est la même chose

I find it rather amusing that there are SJWs in science fiction who insist that I should not be on the shortlist for the Hugo Awards because there is NO PLACE in science fiction for any editor who believes female science fiction writers are different in any way, shape, or form than male science fiction writers.

“As a rule, women do not make good
scientifiction writers, because their education and general tendencies
on scientific matters are usually limited.”

– Hugo Gernsback

“Women do not write hard science fiction today because so few can hack
the physics, so they either write romance novels in space about strong,
beautiful, independent and intelligent but lonely women who finally fall
in love with rugged men who love them just as they are, or stick to
fantasy where they can make things up without getting hammered by
critics holding triple Ph.D.s in molecular engineering, astrophysics and

– Vox Day

In case the irony escapes you, the Hugo Awards are named for Mr. Gernsback, a science fiction editor who knew very well whereof he wrote. I very much doubt that the various excesses and absurdities of the Pink SF age would be any surprise to him.

Meanwhile, an actual female physicist adds:
“Instead of getting educated in science and writing harder sci-fi, women major in squishy subjects, write romance-in-space, and complain about how misogynistic it is to point out that women major in squishy subjects and write romance-in-space.”

It is apparent the Rabid Puppies have a battle cry: Hugo lo vult!