You can’t run, you can’t hide

The SJWs will pursue you and demand inclusivity everywhere you go. You may as well stand and fight them:

Since Go was launched nearly six years ago, our community has grown from a small group of enthusiasts to thousands of programmers from all corners of the globe. I am proud of us; so many great projects and such a helpful and passionate group of people. Sincerely, I consider myself lucky to be involved.

But as we grow we should reflect on how we can improve.

Take this mailing list, for example. While the majority of discussions here are respectful and polite, occasionally they take a turn for the worse. While such incidents are rare, they are noticeable and have an effect on the tone of other discussions. We can do better.

At times we can be overly didactic, meeting opposing ideas with inflexibility. When challenged by a differing opinion we should not be defensive, but rather take the opportunity to discuss and debate so that we may better understand our own ideas.

I’m also concerned by reports of abuse, harassment, and discrimination in our community, particularly toward women and other underrepresented groups. Even I have experienced harassment and abuse myself. This may be common in the tech industry but it is not OK.

We are the Go community; we get to choose what is OK and what is not. It’s not a choice but a responsibility, and it is a responsibility that we have neglected too long.

The positive effects of diversity in communities are well-documented. If our community is to continue to grow and prosper, we must make it a more inclusive place, where all are respected and nobody is made to feel dismissed, unwelcome, or unsafe.

To that end, I propose that we establish a Code of Conduct that would cover the behavior of community members on the various Go mailing lists and the golang subreddit, on IRC, in private Go-related correspondence, and at Go events.

It’s long past time to start adopting anti-SJW, anti-entryist, anti-inclusivity bylaws and practices in every organization to which you belong, because if you don’t, you will soon find your hobby, your volunteer group, your sports team, or your place of employment subjected to the same sort of thought-policing.

And, of course, the Code of Conduct will only be enforced in one direction by the SJWs who wield it as a weapon. They are blatant liars; consider the statement that “the positive effects of diversity in communities are well-documented.” This is the precise opposite of the truth, which is that diversity destroys and segregates communities.

Here is my prediction: like the Episcopalian and Anglican churches, the new inclusivity policy is going to lead to a precipitate drop in participation in the Go community. Consider the final word in the “discussion”.

As the operators of the official Go forums, it is our ultimate goal and responsibility to guide this community toward a healthy and happy future. To do this, we must provide welcoming and safe spaces and a means to protect our most vulnerable community members. A crucial step toward this goal is to specify a standard of respectful behavior in the form of a Code of Conduct.

I hear and respect the dissenting opinions. In particular, I hear the concerns about limiting freedom of expression. Let me state this clearly: the official Go forums are not platforms for free speech. Your participation in them is a privilege, not a right. If you are not able to adhere to basic standards of respectful behavior then you are invited to leave.

Oh, I have no doubt they will. It’s also a good idea to excise SJWs from your social circles. Once you have discovered that someone is an SJW, refuse to have anything to do with them and tell them why. They cannot be reasoned with, they cannot learn from example, they can only learn from the emotional pressure of personal rejection. So help them learn.

And if your organization has already been taken over, or was created by SJWs in the first place, leave. Create a rival organization; all the people leaving the old one are going to need somewhere to go.