The Duel

Bateful Higot explains moderates:

Moderate: Okay, gentlemen… take 5 paces, then turn and shoot. SJW has won the coin toss and will shoot first. Understood?
Conservative: Yes.
SJW: Whatever.
Moderate: One…
SJW: turns and points pistol, hand trembling in terror
Moderate: looks at SJW scornfully Two…
SJW: CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE! shoots in Conservative’s general direction… misses horribly
Conservative: What the deuce? turns around You bastard!
SJW: How dare you turn around! You’re not a gentleman!
Moderate: Conservative! You must take three more paces before you may turn around!
Conservative: That coward shot at me after two!
Moderate: Do not lower yourself to his level! Death before dishonor!
Conservative: That doesn’t mean what you think it does! aims at SJW
SJW: EEK! cowers
How dare you! draws pistol on Conservative If you do not turn around
this instant, I shall shoot you myself, you dishonorable cur!

How can you identify a moderate? He is the man who only shoots at his own side, never the enemy. This isn’t to say that moderates can’t learn. I have known a few who have done so, gradually and over time, mostly by virtue of having their “friends” on the other side repay their steadfast good will with repeated betrayals and regular stabs in the back.

Moderates merit civility, but no respect. And above all, do NOT permit them any input into strategy and tactics. They are worse than useless in that regard.