Good news, bad news

The kids wanted to go to the track today and do a speed workout. With the soccer season over, I didn’t have a good excuse to avoid doing it, so we ran a few laps followed by some 100-meter sprints, then finished with another two laps.

The good news: I can still run a 12.2 and beat Ender. I might be able to get below 12 again if I work at it this summer. My sub-11 days are clearly a long-distant memory. And despite some initial tightness, my hamstrings held up.

The bad news: I’m pretty sure I can’t hold him off at the 200 any longer. Also, I think it may take me about a week to recover.

The kids were all amused at how easily they outran me after the sprints. Apparently they were previously unfamiliar with the concept of the famous “sprinter’s jog”, which is roughly as fast as a geriatric man hobbling with a cane when he is not particularly in a hurry to get where he is going.

And in totally unrelated news, I have an absolutely shocking bit of investigative reporting to reveal to the Dread Ilk:

The OFFICIAL Twitter for #GLOCK.
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What’s next for Nate, will he be endorsing Keynesian economics and changing his name to Naitlyn?