Brainstorm June

The next event is for Brainstorm members only on 24 June at 7:30 PM EDT. We’re going to be discussing three subjects:

  1.  External discipline and Life Design. I know a lot of people were interested in the concept, I’m actively applying one of them now in my own life with some objective success, and I’ve got some ideas for how to make it work. 
  2. Nate and I are going to do a post-mortem about our Inflation-Deflation debate and discuss how events that have happened since fit better into the Ice or the Fire scenarios.
  3. The Tor-Macmillan situation. It may be a little more interesting than it looks at the moment. We’ll discuss our current options and our next steps.
  4. It’s not a subject per se, but I also have some interesting announcements about the game development course I’ll be teaching this fall.

If you’re interested in taking part, you can sign up as either an Annual or Monthly member. The Roosh transcripts are still being put together and we should be able to get them out by the end of next week.