Brainstorm schedule

This is the current Brainstorm schedule. Italic indicates a closed event available only to Brainstorm members.

Roosh V, 10 June, 6 PM EDT 500 275 seats left. Reserve seat.
Brainstorm June, 24 June, 7:30 PM EDT Members only.

Martin van Creveld, 31 May, 2 PM EDT
Brainstorm May (Crohn’s, Dark Energy, Hugos)

Members should mention what topics they are interested in discussing this month either here or on the chat channel, I’ll pick three and then select two panelists after the topics are settled. Save the astrophysics for July, as that will be the main topic, Stickwick will be one of the panelists again and she wants some time to prepare for it.

Also, most of you are probably unaware that I taught a 12-week course on game development and the history of games in Zurich last year at a Swiss technical institute. Although it was well received and I was asked to repeat it, the regular travel was a bit too brutal and with the promised fast train from Milano still more than a year away, I declined.

However, I plan to revive the course in September with the sponsorship of the institute, albeit online via the webinar software we’re using for Brainstorm. It’s going to be a 10-lesson course for $150, and Annual members will be allowed to attend free if it’s of interest to them. In addition to the core material, the course will feature 30-minute interview/Q&As with various industry figures, including veteran designers, programmers, artists, magazine editors, and even a studio head.