Why Sun Tzu remains relevant today

Oh, dear. They just don’t know us at all.

The long-term question about which way the Hugos will be going a few years down the road I think is easy to predict: Worldcon con-goers are patient. As I said over on File770.com, Worldcon fandom is already comfortable with building a new house every year, so Mr. Beale twirling his moustache and threatening to burn down the house is a small gain for megalomania but nothing that fandom cannot outlast, because we have the patience and endurance, and I doubt that a bunch of flighty MRAs (for example) have much at all, nor do the various Puppies have anything like the unity of purpose that is often asserted.

Perhaps someone needs to point these poor deluded creatures to The Debate That Shall Not Be Named. Or even the relatively innocuous Dissecting the Skeptics. It’s rather sweet, really, that they think that we’re simply going to go away after the exceedingly disrespectful way they have treated us.