Breed to win

The Palestinians understand this. The Israelis understand this. The future belongs to those who show up for it.:

Conservatives, it is not enough to merely produce children or, as so many do, adopt those already here. We must nurture them and teach them properly because liberal society is determined to corrupt them and convert them into eager drones for the Borg Collective that is progressivism. Fight back. If you are religious, teach your children about God. If not, teach them to respect and understand those who are. Teach them about our country and our history – there’s no better way to demonstrate to them, as opposed to indoctrinate them, why America deserves their patriotism….

And teach your kids skills that will help them survive. Teach them to fight, and to shoot. Teach them to be steadfast in the defense of their rights, and to stand up for those being oppressed. My kids have a standing offer – if their school suspends them for justifiably punching a bully they get taken out for ice cream. And demand that your school teaches your kids properly – as Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds often says, sending your kids to public schools is almost parental malpractice.

It’s not “almost parental malpractice” it is parental malpractice. Have at least three children, four is better. Homeschool them. Teach them to anticipate being attacked for who and what they are. Teach them to have pride in who and what they are. Teach them to serve God first and fear God only. Teach them to love the truth and hate the lie.

And don’t live in fear yourself. Don’t fear divorce and the stacked deck. Giving up what you fear potentially losing means you have already lost. Your odds are not the general odds.

War doesn’t care whether you are fighting it or not. You are caught up in the cultural war whether you want to be or not. The only question is if you are an armed soldier or a helpless civilian.