The Toad of Toar bears false witness

Or rather, The Toad of (formerly) Tor, TNH, calls out Sad Puppies. It doesn’t go well for her:

tnielsenhayden @tnielsenhayden 7 Apr 2015
Larry Correia is a lying liar who lies. So is Brad Torgesen. So’s Vox Day. You either believe facts matter, or you don’t. #sadpuppies

Obscurica @Obscurica
There’s no way to get Vox Day DQ’d based on conduct unbecoming, is there?

University Watch @UniversityWatc1
@tnielsenhayden You are the vicious slandering liar, Teresa. YOU caused ALL of this. Your time is OVER. #GamerGate #hugoawards #SadPuppies

Hong Hu Shi @Hong_Hu_Shi
@tnielsenhayden Incessant croaking. You’re a playground crybaby upset that someone else gets a turn at the public swings you’ve been hogging

Mike Q @MikeQ42
Bold claims. Since facts matter, would you happen to have any substantiation for those accusations?

Dude @OUtoast
It will be funny when the lawyers find out she was involved with the @EW smear #SadPuppies

Dr Steven @Riddle1965
That’s Hugo award winning writing #sadpuppies

University Watch @UniversityWatc1
@OUtoast @tnielsenhayden @EW Yeah, about time she paid for all the damage she has done to innocent people.

Dude @OUtoast
Writing approved by @torbooks #SadPuppies

Peter Ingemi @DaTechGuyblog
By your standard Entertainment Weekly is appparently a liar as well for retracting their piece & charges #sadpupies @tnielsenhayden

LT @ThropeLycan
Well said, @UniversityWatc1 ! @tnielsenhayden is just flailing around her anger that #sadpuppies has exposed her back room politiking

Popehat @Popehat
.@tnielsenhayden But are they lying liars who lie when telling lies about their lying lies about being lying liars who lie about their lies?

Bavarian Creampuff @BavCreampuff
@Popehat @tnielsenhayden Too many lies!

neontaster @neontaster
.@tnielsenhayden Nanotechnology has enabled me to create the galaxy’s smallest violin and I’m playing it for you right now. #SadPuppies

JamesSteve2K @SteveKJames
@neontaster @tnielsenhayden he’s pretty good on that strat-nano.

tarsolya @tarsolya
@tnielsenhayden Nothing beside remains.Round the decay of that colossal wreck,boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away.

Terez @Terez27
@tnielsenhayden I am just catching up on this drama. I see you made Breitbart. Congrats?

STFU Total 9Volt @9voltmonster
.@tnielsenhayden What was the benefit of politicization of the Hugo awards? What was the benefit of forced politicization of sci fi fandom?

Eyanosa @vouteralex
.@tnielsenhayden So you claim. Maybe some evidence is in order when calling someone a liar in a public forum.

AliRadicali @AliRadicali
You do realise the Hugos are for GOOD fiction right, @tnielsenhayden ? Not kindergarten level slander.

W. Ian Blanton @wraithe
@Popehat @tnielsenhayden based on what I’ve read of the SP/Vox Day crowd, they’re not a pony I’d want to be supporting.

Popehat @Popehat
@wraithe @tnielsenhayden YOU LIE!

Rolling Stone Ethics @codemonkey1972
@tnielsenhayden You’re a thoroughly disgusting creature, Theresa.

W. Ian Blanton @wraithe
@Popehat @tnielsenhayden Mind you, I read a story (not nom.) by one of their nominees, wasn’t even Yugo award quality, much less Hugo award.

Popehat @Popehat
@wraithe @tnielsenhayden “Chicks Dig Time Lords” won a Hugo.

W. Ian Blanton @wraithe
@Popehat @tnielsenhayden indeed I do! But which lie is the illusion, and which one is real??? HaHAAAhahaHA

Rolling Stone Ethics @codemonkey1972
Is there a term for someone who slanders so their husband’s employer can gain monetary advantage? Oh, right. “@tnielsenhayden.” Thanks.

J. Tuttle @jasonfixit 8h8 hours ago
@tnielsenhayden Wow. Troll much?

W. Ian Blanton @wraithe
@Popehat or were they LIES?!?

Joseph Capdepon II @BeardedTexan
@tnielsenhayden The only liars are you and yours. You want war? You’ve got it. #sadpuppies4 #hugoawards

Pooch Nasty @DasPooch77
@tnielsenhayden Lady, EVERYONE can see the authors on the #SadPuppies list. Claiming racism/sexism is the blatant lie, @EW had to correct.

vernon rene daley @DaleyRene
@tnielsenhayden Do you have a link to a post identifying Correia’s lies? Thx @monsterhunter45 #SadPuppies

synonymous_dreams @synonymous_drea 5h5 hours ago
I believe facts matter; have you got any facts that either one of those people lied about?

Matthew Lawliss @MistahOso
@tnielsenhayden then where is your evidence? because i’ve got mine. also Feelings aren’t facts unlike what your professors teach you.

Casey North @northofdoom
i call your bluff: link to proof, show your work.

Rolling Stone Ethics @codemonkey1972
Yes. I’m not a leftist, so I don’t accuse ppl of lying without getting the facts first.

Casey North @northofdoom
i call your bluff, link to proof, show your work #sadpuppies

synonymous_dreams @synonymous_drea
So, Larry and Brad are both liars? What did they lie about?

Rolling Stone Ethics @codemonkey1972
Um… I think you have it backwards. Read again.

synonymous_dreams @synonymous_drea
haha, twitter’s reply fuckage; I was asking @tnielsenhayden for clarification, not you 😛

AliRadicali @AliRadicali
The proof is the accusation itself. Any more scrutiny = victim blaming.

John Cobalt @JohnCobalt
Are we back in kindergarden now? You are a disgrace.

Casey North @northofdoom
@tnielsenhayden says desperately: “must…control…narrative…deploy…flying…strawpeople!” Can i has hugo now plz? #sadpuppies

Protest Manager @ProtestManager
If you want us to believe your “fact” @tnielsenhayden first you have to give us some. Did Brad lie about his wife? #SadPuppies

Protest Manager @ProtestManager
Oh, and @tnielsenhayden why did EW issue such a correction if it’s Larry and Brad who are the liars? #SadPuppies

Jorge Tanaka @Grimrin 5h5 hours ago
@tnielsenhayden Is the liar you called a racist? Who’s lying?

Jacques Cuze @JacquesCuze
My reading says otherwise @tnielsenhayden @monsterhunter45’s read of the situation fits Occam’s Razor and experience #sadpuppies #SJWssuck

Woelf Dietrich @Woelf20
@tnielsenhayden Given that you’re so free with your accusations, I trust you have evidence? Or will you fall back on opinion?

Lars W Schmidt and n @LarsWSchmidt 1h1 hour ago
Your post is on the level of a bum pulling on his dick on a subway between stations. We’re all ashamed on your behalf. @tnielsenhayden

Vox Day @voxday
.@tnielsenhayden The only one lying is you, Toad of (formerly) Tor. Larry, Brad, and I all speak the truth. Ruthlessly.

So, what facts supposedly matter? The only thing she’s mentioned so far is on Charles Stross’s site, claiming that I am too expelled from SFWA:

Vox Day is lying. He was kicked out of SFWA with all due legalities observed. It was a meticulous and labor-intensive process. Not only is he clearly expelled, he’s really most sincerely expelled.


  1. SFWA has never informed me that I was expelled.
  2. SFWA has never announced that I was expelled.
  3. SFWA never held a vote of the full membership to expel me as required by Massachusetts state law for all non-profits incorporated there.

It is true that the SFWA Board voted to expel me. The Board voted and duly informed me of the result of the vote. But that vote was only the first step in the expulsion process as per the state law and the SFWA bylaws that were relevant at the time in August 2013, which was quite clearly prior to SFWA’s 2014 reincorporation in California. There is no need to take my word for it. Read it for yourself.

Title XXII, Chapter 180, Section 18: No member of such corporation shall be expelled by vote of less than a majority of all the members thereof, nor by vote of less than three quarters of the members present and voting upon such expulsion. 

Someone else is quite clearly lying, however. Charles Stross said:

Castalia House is basically a Vox Day-managed trojan horse for trashing the Hugos and I didn’t see anything published by them that didn’t have the smell of Bad Crazy hanging over it; I’m open to being corrected, but I don’t think it’s likely.

Speaking of crazy… just how obsessed with the Hugo Awards does Mr. 15 Hugo Nominations think we are? How does publishing homeschool curricula and non-fiction by leading experts make any sense if that’s the raison d’etre for Castalia House? If he thinks Sarah Salviander and William S. Lind and Martin van Creveld are Bad Crazy, he is utterly and absolutely delusional.

I am sensing a considerable amount of psychological projection here.