From r to K: the end of post-scarcity

Anonymous Conservative’s take on Donglerape and #GamerGate:

I just kept seeing this scenario, as I read through Vox’s post here. First, this woman’s amygdala is so accustomed to total ease and control that a guy makes a dongle joke to a friend at a computer conference, and she immediately takes offense. That is an amygdala unaccustomed to harshness. Then she asserts to the interviewer that she tweeted her horror, out of a fear that the guy sitting five rows away was going to rape her, in the middle of a conference of 2000 computer geeks. The interviewer asks why she didn’t think any of the 2,000 other conference goers would stop the rape and her response is that they are all white males, as if they might rape her too, for good measure, all because she is a black Jewish female. The narcissism, self absorption, and expectation that everyone give her whatever she wants has to be read to be believed.

You can tell, the way she says “I’m a black Jewish female,” over and over, that she has used that phrase a lot. In the context she applies it, it isn’t a logical, thought-out response. It is a conditioned response thrown out in response to any threat or challenge – the type of response which can only be conditioned through frequent repetition when resources are free, and everyone avoids the fight….

What these incidents should show you, is that we are beginning the transition from r to K, and the rules are changing. Gamergate is a great accomplishment, but it required motivation, and motivation required irritation. If this were the dot-com boom, I suspect those gamers would have been too busy making money and partaking of other sources of pleasure, to unite together and mount a fight. Games would have deteriorated as everything does under r-selection, but the gamers would have found bliss elsewhere, and left gaming until it got better again.

Yet now, all it takes is a single web post somewhere to set off an army of angry warriors, obsessed with justice and right. Feminists like this bimbo used to dominate only because people avoided the fight, but now there are so many people itching to fight that they are looking for fights in other people’s battles. This is a big change, and we are not all that resource-restricted yet. Wait until the economic system collapses. The rage will be epic, and rabbits will run.

The rabbits are noticing this rule change now, even though it is so minor, and it is tripping their conflict-avoidance circuitry. Scalzi, the pied rabbit piper, sees his blog traffic plummeting as his followers retreat into the shadows, even as Vox’s traffic breaks new records. Blue SF is beginning to realize the gains in its economic muscle as it advances on pink SF. In American politics, Democrats are trying to figure out what to stand for to avoid getting destroyed in the future. And legions of little tyrants like the bimbo in Vox’s post are noticing that their social attacks are generating very real counter-attacks, making them begin to retreat from their side as well.

Being rooted as it is in an outmoded theory of evolution, r/K theory may sound more than a little alien, if not lunatic. But it is a remarkably useful explanatory, and at times, even predictive model. I highly recommend AC’s book, so much so that we recently began selling it in the Castalia House store.

Read the whole linked post, as he explains why an abundance of resources favors the rabbits and creates a false impression of reality with them. They are fearless and eager to engage in the posturing and verbal interplay that for them, passes for conflict, failing to realize that the only reason they aren’t being ripped limb-from-limb and devoured is because it’s less trouble for the wolves to simply go somewhere else where they can live in peace.

#GamerGate erupted because there is nowhere else to go. The demon-rabbits have invaded the Last Redoubt; Anita Sarkeesian calls herself a “gamer” and the likes of Zoe Quinn and John Scalzi even fancy themselves “game developers” now. They simply won’t leave us alone, and so we have no choice but to fight back simply to be able to do what we have always done, which is to make the games we want to make and play the games we want to play. As AC noted, the same thing is true of science fiction. After being being offered book contracts that were subsequently pulled or violated on purely political grounds by three different publishers, it became apparent that I would be better off simply starting my own publishing company. Now Castalia House is growing as fast as we are able to edit the books and authors are contacting us specifically because they know we will publish things that the r-selected mainstream publishers will not. And even after a record year with over 15 million pageviews, site traffic here is up an average of 35 percent in 2015; thanks to you, we’re presently on target to exceed 21 million this year.

The transition from r to K is in the process of taking place on a much larger scale as well. The white flight of the last fifty years, first to the suburbs, then to the exurbs, is no longer possible. Everywhere from South Africa to Vancouver, formerly white communities are being invaded by rainbow hordes of orcs who would rather live among white people than among their own kind. Once the land resources are scarce and there is no longer a choice between retreat and conflict, then conflict will inevitably begin. Whites aren’t unable to engage in the sort of ethnic cleansing that Hispanics are already engaging in across the Southwestern United States (look at the demographic history of Compton sometime; it is borderline mind-blowing to anyone who associates it with NWA), but tend to be reluctant to engage in it because they are too efficient and lethal at it. These furious attempts to enforce diversity by thought police are actually a harbinger of the ongoing transition.

The rabbits can sense the wolves beginning to turn on them, and quite rightly, they are afraid. Don’t forget who they truly are and what they have done.