Anti-theist murders Muslims

Isn’t it amazing how often the actual news is contra the atheist narrative? Consider this comment from Brett when the news first broke of the shootings in North Carolina:

“white terrosrist Christian executes three Muslim students in cold blood. I cant help but think he was a fan of voxday…”

Now, Mr. Hicks may be a fan, but it seems unlikely:

A suspected radical atheist is in police custody after allegedly murdering three young Muslims in the North Carolina college town of Chapel Hill, media reports indicate. According to the British newspaper the Independent, the three Muslims, who were all from the same family, were in their home when a 46-year-old man identified by police as Craig Stephen Hicks gunned them down.

That being said, it will not be terribly surprising if Christians in the West are eventually observed killing Muslims. There certainly hasn’t been any shortage of Muslims killing Westerners, both Christian and non-Christian, to say nothing of the Muslim slaughter of Christians in Africa and the Middle East.

Perhaps it was just a parking dispute. Or perhaps it is another step towards the Clash of Civilizations war that so many experts have been expecting for decades.

UPDATE: Apparently Mr. Hicks was not merely an atheist, but an aggressive anti-theist. “Included in his many Facebook ‘likes’ are the Huffington Post, Rachel
Maddow, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Freedom from Religion
Foundation, Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy,’ Neil deGrasse Tyson, Gay
Marriage groups, and a host of anti-conservative/Tea Party pages.”