Sad Puppies 3: the reactions

Larry Correia has some comments on passing the Sad Puppies banner to Brad Torgersen:

These are my suggested nominations. I am under no delusions that you guys do exactly what I suggest. 🙂
(seriously, it is like herding cats!). But I would encourage you to
take a look at these, and consider nominating all of them. Everybody up
there is someone who the ELoE talked about. Many of these are deserving,
worthy types, who would basically be ignored because they don’t appease
the SJW clique. I’ll share with you some of our reasoning.

After accomplishing my goals for SP2 of getting the SJWs to have a
giant, public freak out demonstrating their political biases
(accomplished, hoo boy, was that ever accomplished!) and auditing the
vote process (accomplished, I saw zero evidence of dishonesty from the
WorldCon people) I was ready to hang it up and not do an SP3. However,
as a result of the giant public SJW come apart, I got contacted by a lot
of people, fans and creators both, encouraging me to keep going.
See, the Hugos are broken. Everybody who is sane and paying attention
realizes that it is just a popularity contest that has come to be
dominated by one tiny insular group. The Hugos are supposed to mean
something. They’re supposed to represent what ALL of fandom thinks is
awesome. Many of the regular voters still treat it seriously, but
they’re outnumbered. Hell, even the people benefitting from the Hugo’s
current state will admit that it is broken, only they do so privately,
and certainly not in front of the unwashed masses who like things like
fun or enjoyment. (that’s you guys!) 🙂

Last year, I got most of my suggested nominees on the ballot. I
basically just listed who I was voting for, and I voted based upon what I
liked. However, we all learned some interesting things from the
resulting SJW freak out. I nominated people ranging from fire breathing
right wing curmudgeons, to mushy moderates, and a few that I honestly
had no clue what their personal beliefs were. However, the SJWs
immediately labeled every single one of them as a racist, homophobic,
right wing, hate-monger of hatey-hate-hate, and how this wasn’t about me
bringing some popular relevance back to the Hugos, but rather an
attempt to keep women and minorities out of publishing. We all know that
is crap, but that’s what they ran with.

Longtime Hugo observer Mike Glynn of File 770 had a few thoughts as well, as he observed the fact that the Locus list of recommended books appeared to shade distinctly pink:

The list is always a focal point of discussion during awards season. This year it may also provide ammunition for the Sad Puppies 3 campaign because despite its breadth it contains a grand total of zero works written by —

    Larry Correia
    Brad Torgersen
    John C. Wright
    Vox Day
    Sarah Hoyt
    Dan Wells

— five writers who were on last year’s Sad Puppies slate, and a sixth, John C. Wright, who has been constantly mentioned as a writer they will endorse in 2015. Four members of last year’s slate, Correia, Torgersen, Day and Wells, made the 2014 Hugo ballot (though none was on last year’s Locus list, either).

Oh, and the current Locus list also contains absolutely zero works published by Baen Books.

Not a single book published by Baen. Probably more than a few by Tor, I’m guessing. Perhaps it is because the FASCISTS at Baen publish nothing but FASCIST SCUMBAGS, not unlike the FASCIST Jim Butcher.

Ian Sales@ian_sales
I see fascist scumbags’ve posted their ballot & they’re a force to be reckoned with which is why same few names appear lots of times on it

Ian Sales ‏@ian_sales
surprised Jim Butcher is on their list, didn’t know he was a fascist. Not that I’ve read his books or ever plan to

Actually, we’re neither fascists nor scumbags, Ian. But it’s true, we are a force with which to be reckoned.