Championship weekend

It looks like things are setting up rather nicely for the expected Patriots-Seahawks Super Bowl. The Packers have the best shot of any NFC team to knock off the Seahawks on paper, but seeing how limited Aaron Rodgers was against Dallas, I find it hard to figure out how the Green Bay offense is going to deal with the ferocious Seattle defense.

In the AFC, I’d be very surprised if New England didn’t simply bulldoze the Colts by handing off the ball 30+ times. What sets Bill Belichick above other clever NFL coaches is that he seldom overthinks his game strategy. He doesn’t assume that his opponent will be able to stop something simply because they are anticipating his attack, he forces them to prove that they are actually capable of doing so before bothering with any adjustments.

(This, by the way, is a very good lesson for any gamer to keep in mind. Never assume that anticipation is accomplishment, either on your part or the opponent’s.)

And, if the Colts do figure out a way to stop the New England running game, Belichick will promptly switch to the pass without hesitation.