For consideration 2014

And the fun is about to begin again! Here are my Hugo-eligible works published in 2014:


QUANTUM MORTIS: A Mind Programmed, Castalia House (with Jean & Jeff Sutton)


“The Logfile”, The Altar of Hate, Castalia House
“A Reliable Source”, Riding the Red Horse, Castalia House
“Tell it to the Dead”, Riding the Red Horse, Castalia House (with Steve Rzasa)


“What is Pink SF/F”, June 12, 2014, Vox Popoli

If you want to get in on the action, you can join Sasquan 2015 here. I tend to suspect $40 for two years of voting rights will provide even more entertainment bang for your buck than it did last year. Also, note that you can buy two memberships, so long as the second one is marked “Guest of X”.