Mr. Hobbes has the answer

When a suspension simply isn’t enough:

Heather Cook, the first female bishop of the Episcopal Church in Maryland, has been suspended following a hit-and-run accident on Saturday in which she reportedly hit a bicyclist on Roland Avenue.  The bicyclist, Thomas Palermo, later died at the hospital.

According to a report from Baltimore television station WBAL, the motorist left the scene of the accident, but then returned a short time later.  Her car was heavily damaged, with a hole in the windshield on the passenger side.  The bicycle was destroyed.

Cook, 58, was elected in May 2014 as Bishop Suffragan, second in command in the Maryland Episcopal Diocese, under Bishop Eugene Sutton.

It’s just like the Good Samaritan. Only the complete opposite. It’s an interesting twist on Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome, however. Usually female firsts kill themselves, not others.