Save the planet, log the Amazon

ESR observes that if we want to end global warming, the most effective thing we can do is pave the rainforests:

For decades – and I do mean decades – I’ve been saying that any environmentalist who is really serious about reducing fossil-fuel use and CO2 emission should be agitating to switch the power infrastructure to using nuclear plants for the baseload as fast as possible.

But when the facts change, I change my mind. I was wrong. There is new, direct, observational evidence that the most effective thing we could do to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere is pave over the tropical rainforests.

Don’t believe me? Look at this map of CO2 emissions by region. It’s brand-new data from NASA’s just-lofted Orbiting Carbon Observatory.

It should be amusing to see how fast the green crowd spins around and declares that global warming is no longer an emergency requiring IMMEDIATE ACTION!

It’s a pity about the jaguars, but I never liked sloths and spider monkeys anyhow.