You can run, white man

But you cannot escape the hordes that follow:

Another factor driving the diversification of the suburbs is the emergence of “black flight” from major cities with established black populations. Black population losses have been occurring in some cities since the 1970s, but the magnitude and pervasiveness of black losses in cities during the first decade of the 2000s were unprecedented. The central cities of the 100 largest metropolitan areas saw a total decline of 300,000 blacks, the first absolute population decrease among blacks for these cities as a group. The black presence, which has been the mainstay of many urban populations, is diminishing (in fact it is now Hispanics, not blacks, who constitute the largest minority group in cities).

Three of the cities with the largest black declines–Detroit, Chicago, and New York–were among the primary destinations for blacks during the Great Migration, but the losses were not confined to northern metropolises: Southern and western cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles were also among those losing blacks. Much of that population is shifting to the suburbs, moves that can be attributed in part to the black population’s economic progress in recent decades, especially among younger people aspiring to the suburban lifestyle that eluded their parents and grandparents. On the whole, 96 of the largest 100 metropolitan areas showed gains in their suburban black populations. Of those, more than three-quarters had larger increases in the past decade than in the 1990s. While delayed for decades, the full-scale suburbanization of blacks is finally under way.

I find it amusing that they attribute the black movement to the suburbs to “economic progress in recent decades”. The problem with that reasoning is that there hasn’t been any economic progress in recent decades, in fact, wage rates are still lower than 1973. This is little more than the more civilized blacks trying to escape their own race to live among whites, and whites attempting to get away from those more civilized blacks before their friends and family follow. As Joshua points out in the comments, this was only made possible by the Fed’s low interest rates and federal housing policy. So the 2000-2010 trend will not likely continue.

But that’s largely irrelevant anyhow. As the graph shows below, the real story is my La Raza cousins, who are in the process of ethnically cleansing both the cities and suburbs they have invaded. One thing white people, especially liberal white people, have never understood is that Hispanics dislike blacks considerably more than whites do, and furthermore, their open disdain is not affected by white guilt over slavery. The liberal fantasy of an anti-white multiracial minority alliance has always been just that, a fantasy, because real multiculturalism is the Hobbesian war of all against all.