Another fuse uncovered now for me to light

SJWs on Twitter are just so easy. First, you toss the bait:

Vox Day ‏@voxday
It’s amusing to see anti-GG trying to coopt our positions. #GamerGate is of and for gamers. No anti-GG is a core gamer. They put SJW first.

Thus prompting the expected protestations and posturing. Notice how SJWs tend to communicate indirectly in an archly sarcastic, incredulous tone, then rapidly start talking nominally amongst themselves for your benefit. This sort of one-way performance communication is the way they avoid ever actually addressing the point or being pinned down and forced to answer questions. Here is a brief, but representative selection.

TieTuesday ‏@TieTuesdaySA
*looks at over 500 hours of stream time playin games* god i fuckin hate videogames

penguin725SA ‏@penguin725
My steam library with 800 hours of gameplay is ALL IN PROTEST HOW DID HE KNOW DAMMIT OUR SECRET IS OUT

TieTuesday ‏@TieTuesdaySA
and the hundreds of hours into Halo 2/3/Reach in highschool? I’ve been plannin this ruse for ages

High school? Hell, I’ve been playing games since I was in kindergarten.

St. Nicolas Cage ‏@PeeinMcKellan
I must have put 300 hours into Civ 5 in the span of ten months because I hate it so much.

St. Nicolas Cage ‏@PeeinMcKellan
I skipped class for a week to build a Minecraft server because I want to destroy video games forever.

And once they’ve dutifully stepped in it, you pull the trigger:

Vox Day @voxday
Seeing anti-#GamerGate people babbling about how many games they played is like hearing Nazis talk about how much they like Jewish food.

It is science. Please to fucking love it. #DreadIlk