VPFL Week 10

102 Greenfield Grizzlies (8-2-0)
86 Mounds View Meerkats (5-5-0)

93 Bane Cornshuckers (6-4-0)
49 King (5-5-0)

81 RR Redbeards (6-4-0)
79 Favre Dollar Footlongs (5-5-0)

81 Gilbert Gamma Rays (6-4-0)
54 Boot Hill Bogs (2-7-1)

79 Texas Chili Eaters (5-4-1)
64 Clerical Errs (1-9-0)

Bloody Grizzlies…. It’s good to see that it looks like the Vikings should be getting AD back soon. I have slightly mixed feelings about this week’s game, however. A friend of mine is tight with the Bears’ head coach, and I have the sense that a blowout Vikings would likely seal Trestman’s fate immediately. But honestly, if he can’t stop the Bears’ historic defensive meltdown against a rookie quarterback leading a division rival missing its star player at home, then he probably should lose his job before the end of the season.

One of the fascinating things about seeing the Bears implode is that I know for a fact that Marc Trestman is a very smart guy. He’s probably one of the smarter coaches in the league. So the whole thing has provided an object lesson in demonstrating the fact that sheer intelligence, even when combined with hard work, is not necessarily synonymous with success.

UPDATE: Sweet fake punt by the Vikes leads to a touchdown. And to think Sparklepunter tried to get Mike Priefer fired! Lesson: never listen to an idiot punter.