SJWs plotting entry points into games

SB discovered this excerpt from the Dispatch from the Queerness and Games Conference:

The first keynote of the conference was by Lisa Nakamura
on Social Justice Warriors in video game culture. She broke down what
seemed to be the ‘taxonomy’ of an SJW to better understand how people,
usually those actively against social justice movements, both see
themselves and what they want to get rid of. Some qualities Lisa listed
out: SJW framed as opposite to SWM or straight white male, a common term
used for a projected most privileged identity; fundamentally insincere
in their motives and use of ideology, while at the same time too sincere
and unable to take jokes or fit in; not native to the community,
foreigners from Twitter and Tumblr trying to immigrate to video games.
This helps identify not only how gaters treat people they assign as SJW,
but also how they see themselves: person vs ideologue; genuine vs
manipulative; native vs the opportunistic.

Wrapped up in this is how to
be a minoritized person that is a ‘true’ force for change, aka not a
fake feminist or gamer that wants social good, by the way of practicing
‘cruel optimism.’ Cruel optimism is that common response to inequality
that’s a mix of positivist individualism and ‘harsh reality,’ like for
more minoritized people to create games and THEN media will get better,
just sit back and wait and it’ll take care of itself. I feel like we see
this with the overabundance of girls in STEM initiatives and no
resources for those right now fighting against marginalization. Lisa
used the term ‘procedural meritocracy,’ that in order to earn respect in
gaming, you have to display exceptional skill. Basically the idea is if
men who spout sexist stuff online are beat in a video game fair and
square by a woman, they will include her based on meritocracy and
proving she’s not a fake geek girl.

This attitude doesn’t address that
the barriers to gaining skill are still very high for minoritized
people, and that this process ultimately turns the bullied into a new
bully; you climb the ranks so you can police the behavior of others,
essentially giving permission to those already at the top. The true
warrior looks like other gamers, talks like other gamers, and plays like
other gamers. The SJW doesn’t play by the same rules, or even worse,
doesn’t play the same games. This is hyperbolized by the codification of
certain games as worthy of getting paid for playing and not, and how
that is gendered, raced, etc. I think this is a pretty useful
perspective to have because it helps people frame how they talk to those
projecting the image of the SJW and better yet work to counteract the
qualities of being conniving interlopers by referencing their
credibility in the community.

This is classic SJW entryism in action. It’s not conspiracy theory, it is an actual, ongoing conspiracy on the part of SJW radicals to enter the game industry and prevent people from designing, developing, and playing the games they wish to design, develop, and play. This is why they have to be identified, confronted, and called out. They are actively planning to take over the game industry, just as they have nearly taken over SF/F and the sports media with their hyperpoliticization of it.

Do not tolerate them. Do not compromise with them. Do not seek to find a balance with them or meet them halfway. That is the core of their strategy, which they then rinse-and-repeat. They have repeatedly said that we are not fit for public discourse; very well, then do not engage in any discourse with them or permit them entry to anywhere we are.

If there is no place for us where they are, then there can be no place for them where we are.