Importing war through immigration

Australia has successfully imported the centuries-old Sunni-Shi’ite war:

A friend of Rasoul Al-Musawi, the man who was shot outside an Islamic prayer centre in Sydney’s south-west, said he was targeted by people claiming to be supporters of Islamic State.

Mr Al-Musawi’s friend – who did not wish to be named – is a Shiite Muslim and said the shooting in Greenacre was motivated by the sectarian struggle in the Middle East.

‘They called us “Shia dogs” and they threatened to come back down tonight and kill you, shoot you, whatever,’ he told ABC Radio on Monday.

This further demonstrates the insanity of the belief in the transformational magic of geographic location. And it is an ominous harbinger of the 4GW in the West that William S. Lind warned more than a decade ago would result from immigration combined with the USA’s misadventures in the Middle East.

In “Germany’s Blunder”, Mr. Lind writes:

“For the Establishment, the hard part will be accepting the need to isolate ourselves from centers and sources of disorder.

Centers of disorder will be the growing number of failed states. Sources of disorder will certainly include Islam, thanks to the concept of jihad, even if some Islamic societies are ordered internally. Isolation will mean minimizing contacts that involve flows of people, money, materials and new primary loyalties, such as religions ideologies, into the United States. First and foremost, that requires ending the current de facto policy of open immigration. In a 4th Generation world, open immigration is akin to leaving the castle gate open at night when the Huns are in the neighborhood.”

In “4GW on the Home Front” he observes:

“In a 4th Generation world, invasion by immigration can easily be more dangerous than invasion by a foreign army. At some point, the foreign army will go home. But immigrants stay, and if they do not acculturate, they permanently change the cultural landscape. As the Dutch recently discovered, the changes may go beyond introducing some highly spiced dishes into an otherwise bland cuisine.”
Both of these were written more than 10 years ago, in 2004. Both are selections from Mr. Lind’s ON WAR, in the event you are interested in getting a deeper insight into where the world is heading as 4th Generation warfare spreads around the world.