“Almost everywhere, the state is losing”

Syria is de facto lost to the forces of 4GW chaos:

Harakat Hazm and the Syrian Revolutionary Front just surrendered to Al Qaeda in Syria. Most people have never heard of either organization, though they’ve been sort of quietly backed by the US since they oppose the Assad regime, the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, and the Islamic State. Now they may be effectively finished.

The US waited far too long to back proxies in Syria while the Islamic State and the Nusra Front spent years building up their strength and conquering territory. Throwing support behind anyone but the Kurds at this point is too little too late.

It’s over.

They were bad proxies anyway. The Syrian Revolutionary Front was an Islamist organization. Less deranged than Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, sure, but it was still an Islamist organization. Harakat Hazm is more secular, but it consists of a measly 5,000 fighters while the Islamic State has as many as 100,000.

Syria is gone.

Some believe that the destruction of the sovereign states is part of the globalist master plan. Others believe that the USA is practicing divide-and-conquer in the Arab world at the behest of The Nonexistent Lobby That Dare Not Be Named. Still others think that the first Muslim President is laying the groundwork for the rise of the New Caliphate.

Regardless, the tiger has a way of escaping the control of those clinging to its tail. Neither the architects of WWI nor the architects of WWII realized their goals, and with two formerly stable dictatorships, Iraq and Syria, now collapsing into areas of Fourth Generation disorder like Afghanistan, Somalia, and Yemen, it may not be long before we see larger, more important countries, such as Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia following suit.