Self-appointed identity police

The most dangerous blog on Tumblr observes that SJWs are not only the self-appointed Video Game Police, they have appointed themselves the Identity Police as well:

Catherine of Aragorn @PaleCompanion
@nero’s total lack of empathy with (& almost hatred of) the oppressed is so unique in a gay man I’m not unconvinced his sexuality’s an act.

remember you’re only gay if sjw’s say you are.

MOD 1:  Same for blacks or women or whoever else.

If you are “X oppressed minority” and you disagree with “approved
leftist minority groupthink,” you are no longer permitted to be a
minority. That’s what life is like today.  Being gay and/or black and/or woman
or whatever, and being told that even then, you are still not allowed in
our cool underdog outsider group because you don’t agree with OUR

Which brings these tweets to mind:

Trevor Curtis ‏@trevorcurtis23
I’m sorry to put it this way, but my balls are more Native American than @voxday 

Reggie Stone ‏@rock_regi
You are as “indian” as every other white guy claiming to be 1/16th Cherokee. Stop co-opting other’s race as a shield.

Pox Vay ‏@PoxVay
DNA, not heritage. No practicing of culture or tradition.

pure, impure ‏@pure_impure
Vox as as Indian as I am Yemeni.

Narc ‏@narciblog
If @voxday is Native American based solely on some genetic test, I’m black since all of Homo Sapiens came out of Africa.

I take it as quite a compliment that aside from two of the usual suspects (pure, impure is Andrew Marston), there are so few SJWs willing to take the risk of openly expressing doubts about my Indian heritage, although strangely enough, virtually no one has expressed any doubts concerning my Mexican background. Or perhaps it isn’t so strange, as there is no question that the Red Card trumps the Brown Card in the SJW mind. (One of these days, I’m going to finish designing that SJW card game I started. If you’re an interested artist, let me know.) My being an Indian increases their discomfort when they try to DISQUALIFY me.

Let’s face it, it’s more than a little amusing that the only writer ever expelled from the hyper-inclusive Science Fiction Writers of America was one of its only Native American members.

Anyhow, it’s pretty clear that more experienced SJWs like McRapey have finally learned that I simply do not lie when making direct and public claims such as these. They may be dubious, they may have their doubts, but they know that anytime I offer them something this easily attacked, it’s almost surely a trap. This demonstrates that I was wrong about them. It may be a long and painfully slow process, but as it turns out, they are capable of learning after all.

But denying science and playing Identity Police is nothing new. Back when I was in college, I remember a prominent feminist member of the faculty standing up and saying that “Margaret Thatcher was not of the gender woman” due to her offensive politics. In fact, Margaret Thatcher was indubitably of the female sex, whether the SJWs liked it then or not, just as I am a bona fide American Indian, and not one of the “1/16th Cherokee” sort either.

As for the claimed failure to practice either culture or tradition, that would be a surprise to anyone who ever had a birthday dinner with my family. The inability of SJWs to understand that some people are more interested in what they can make of themselves than what they are made of tells you all you need to know about their prospects in life.