We do better werewolves

It is a little ironic to see that despite the vast collection of necrobestiality variants produced by pinkshirted urban fantasists, there are nevertheless those who believe that the Hugo-nominated Larry Correia and I write better werewolf fantasies than they do:

Dear Werewolf mod, delete all your other f—— asks because I have the only two other good werewolf stories you godless heathen.

Series 1:  Monster Hunter International.  Written by Larry Correia, self described gun nut and nemesis of SJWs.  One of the main characters is a libertarian werewolf that has been alive since 1900.  He leads a group of monster hunters that, you guessed it, hunt monster.  He isn’t a bitch about his curse and simply deals with the trouble it causes him.  Third book is about a werewolf apocalypse.

Series 2: Arts of Dark and Light series.  Written by Vox Day.  Great Satan of the SJWs.  Werewolfs are created in his series in the short story “The Last Witchking”.  A pregnant wolf is f—– in a demonic ritual, then boom werewolves.  Hundreds of years later the wolves are conquering nordic lands and threatening the world with their rapine army.

That’s not exactly how I would summarize the series that begins with A Throne of Bones, but I suppose some of the darker, more occultic aspects of the story do get a little grim at times. And I have certainly enjoyed writing the Ulfin siege of Raknarborg in Book Two.

And, as Larry said in response to the gentleman’s opining in ignorance that he could do better: “He is totally welcome to try. :)”