Retro robbery

The EU sticks the UK with an unexpected bill for $2.7 billion due to GDP revisions:

Addressing reporters in Brussels, Mr Cameron admitted the demand had made him ‘downright angry’ but he would not pay the £1.7billion, equivalent to £56 for every income taxpayer in Britain. The European Commission has demanded the cash by December 1, but Mr Cameron insisted he would not meet the deadline.

Downing Street later stressed that he was not simply delaying payment, and made clear there were no circumstances under which Britain would hand over £1.7billion.

Asked about the impact on UK staying in the EU, Mr Cameron said: “Well it certainly doesn’t help, let’s put it like that. I think there is a strong case for Britain involved in the European Union, if we can reform it in the way I have set out. When you are presented with a bill like this, with a month to go, is that helpful for Britain’s membership of the European Union, no it certainly is not.”

How shamelessly corrupt is this Tory quisling? What possible case can there be for Britain to be involved in the European Union, let alone a “strong case”? It significantly reduces the “good for the economy” and “good for trade” benefits a membership provides if you have to turn around and fork over $25 billion dollars for the privilege.

Any Brit who still favors EU membership needs to get his head examined. UKIP’s Farage puts it well: Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: “The EU is like a thirsty vampire feasting on UK taxpayers’ blood. We need to protect the innocent victims, who are us.”