Travel in Europe

So, I’m back from my latest trip, and I made a few observations:

  1. Thanks to Ebola, no one wants to sit or be anywhere around Africans. It would no doubt horrify the usual suspects to see how an African could clear out seats in all four directions simply by sitting down in both countries I recently visited.
  2. More people and startups are struggling than the newspapers want to admit. No one except those dialed directly into the stock market spigot being pumped by the Fed/ECB are doing what they consider well. This is true of even the very, very rich and successful who are involved in things rather than paper.
  3. If women want to stop looking like useless idiots in the business context, they really need to stop talking incessantly about their sex all the damn time and the “problem” of there being insufficient vaginas in [insert practically any industry, activity, or organization here]. We all know the drill. It doesn’t make you look smart. It makes you look clueless, irrelevant, and totally off-topic.
  4. The venture capital market is showing clear signs of 1999/2008 in a variety of ways. This doesn’t indicate an immediate crash, but one before 2016. Right now, it’s more feverish than 2008 but not as crazy as 1997-1999.
  5. New little technology project. It’s pretty cool and the Dread Ilk can definitely be of assistance in this regard if anyone is so inclined. More about this anon.