Shut them up twice as hard

Since academic freedom does not prevent a professor from being denied a tenured position due to his anti-semitic statements, there is no reason not to put pressure on universities to begin cracking down hard on any expression of anti-Christian views by university professors:

Steven Salaita, who was set to begin teaching at the University of Illinois this fall, says he was simply speaking his mind when he tweeted out messages during Israel’s military conflict in Gaza earlier this year. But the school deemed the tweets offensive and pulled its offer of a tenured position in its American Indian studies program.

“We believe that our classrooms ought to be a place where opinions, regardless of their origin or their perspective, ought to be able to be offered freely and students not feel intimidated or unable to express their opinion and that’s what led us to the decision,” said University of Illinois President Robert Easter.

Every single Christian at the University of Illinois should begin compiling a list of offensive anti-Christian statements by members of the university faculty and demand that all of the responsible professors be fired. After all, Christian students should not feel intimidated or unable to express their opinions in the classroom.

Freedom of speech and expression are now dead in America. So, it’s time for Christians to stop playing by the old rules and start flexing their demographic muscle at the expense of all the various minorities who demanded the rules be changed.

To paraphrase Breitbart, shut them up twice as hard.