Welcome, fucktoys

I was genuinely astonished when I read about this insane plan. I know the fraternities at my heavily Greek alma mater would have killed to be permitted to rush girls:

Wesleyan University in Middletown plans to change a more-than-century-old tradition by ordering fraternities with on-campus houses to go coed. The school sent out a letter Monday to the university community saying: “We have decided that residential fraternities must become fully co-educational over the next three years. This change is something that Wesleyan and the fraternities have been contemplating for many years, and now the time has come.”

The move follows lawsuits and fraternity incidents involving alleged rapes that led hundreds of students to sign a petition calling on the fraternities to start admitting women. The goals are to reduce sexual assault and gender inequity.

The ways in which this lunatic policy is going to backfire should be spectacular. Do these people have any idea what fraternity-associated “little sisters” were generally known for? Ordering fraternities to accept female members is essentially mandating temple prostitution for college girls.

It’s also only a matter of time before the men get the bright idea to start rushing sororities and suing for their right to do so. Perhaps that’s the goal; it’s a roundabout way to attempt to ban the Greek system.

Anyhow, all this is going to accomplish is to lock down the most attractive girls for the more popular fraternities.