Whores in the workforce

Once more, women are disemboweling a primarily male occupation by entering it en masse while refusing to accept any responsibility for their actions and lack of job performance:

I am tendering my resignation as we speak, as are some writers for other sites. This industry is beyond corrupt. It is beyond destructive. It’s become a cult, so bloated on its own self-righteousness and loathing of everyone who doesn’t conform to the hivemind that it is that it’s impossible to stay and not become either part of that hivemind or completely fucking insane.

This isn’t just an issue of “whore fucks around and drags down women/sets feminism back.” This is a critical problem with women across the board. Once they get hired they cannot be fired unless they are caught doing something illegal.

Just ask any man who has dealt with HR complaints what women in the office are really like. They can’t be dealt with on any level, because they are treated like rock stars with CEO clout. A lot of guys in STEM are being driven out of their jobs because the ladies in marketing think nerdy guys are “too unattractive” to even be in their presence.

Of course, a significant contributing element is the MALE response to problem employees who happen to be women. Male employees don’t like to complain to HR because it is unmanly while male managers like to play white knight and refuse to hold female employees accountable to the standards they expect of male employees. So until they do, and until men put steady pressure upon HR to discipline and fire women for the same behavior for which they discipline and fire men, absolutely nothing is going to change and corporate America will continue to spiral downhill in an unproductive whirlpool of bureaucracy and paperwork.

But if you find yourself in a similar situation and you are willing to quit anyhow, why not first at least try putting pressure on your employer to get rid of the useless parasite employees. That way, even if they choose the parasites over you, you’ll have forced the executives to realize that they face a situation. Maybe they know and don’t care. But in most cases, they probably have no idea what’s going on.

Those who seriously believe in the equality myth won’t believe that the increased reluctance of men to work for large organizations is a problem, because female employees are every bit as productive as the men who are quitting. Of course, all the observations about falling corporate productivity, the increasing lack of tech innovation, the difficulty of finding high quality employees, and the constant lament about where all the good men have gone would tend to testify otherwise.