Another letter to SFWA

Dear SFWA President Steven Gould,

It has come to my attention that a convicted child molester still
belongs to SFWA as of 23 June 2014. In light of your concerted efforts
to expel me for a single tweet linking to a blog post deemed
unacceptable to the organization, it very much appears that you and the
rest of the SFWA Board have no similar objections to the sexual abuse of
children. Given the recent decision to award SFWA’s Grand Master award
to Samuel Delany, a public supporter of the North American Man Boy Love
Association, these facts raise some serious questions about SFWA’s
position concerning the sexual abuse of children.

I would very much appreciate it if you would explain to me and the rest
of the world how a single expression of a private opinion on a personal
blog merited expulsion from SFWA while multiple arrests over a period of
18 years, culminating in a conviction on multiple counts of child
molesting, did not.

If you do not respond to this email, as you failed to respond to my
previous questions concerning SFWA’s continued support for Marion Zimmer Bradley, be aware that you will leave everyone little choice
but to conclude that SFWA tolerates and celebrates the sexual abuse of
children by its members.


Attachment: Screen shot of SFWA Membership List

I also tweeted this:

A lot of criticism of @monsterhunter45 by @scalzi, @jimchines and @damiengwalter. Absolutely none of SFWA member @edwardekramer. #askthemwhy